About the Bling Artist

Goddess Armor is an ever expanding line of wearable bling art pieces designed by yours truly, Audrey Gaddis. I thought long & hard to come up with a different name for this company since Goddess is used/thrown around SO much...but eventually I decided that there's no use in fighting it - the pieces I make really are for Goddesses & then my last name really kinda seals the deal, you know?

I believe in having as much fun as absolutely possible in the time I have, in being apologetically sexy, in wearing whatever makes me feel most myself in that moment, and in turning as many heads as possible when I walk into a room. 

I discovered that I really have a talent for bling in 2017 when I started covering my first motorcycle helmet with rhinestones. Pretty much immediately after finishing that first helmet I started on a second helmet - this time with Swarovski Crystals. 


Seeing the MASSIVE difference in quality between the two pieces made me decide that I would NEVER again work with plastic rhinestones for a piece that large & time consuming. It takes the exact same amount of time to hand place a piece of crap rhinestone as it does to place a high quality crystal.

Bling Pasties are Born

I started making Bling Pasties when I couldn't find any reusable pasties that were also easy to use/self-adhesive. I don't know about y'all - but my pretty titties require high quality, SPARKLY AF, comfortable pasties that I can wear again & again & again. These are the first of their kind on the market. They are each individually created, each crystal is placed by hand, and they look fucking stunning.


You can look thru the designs I have listed in my store - they're all listed as "pre-order" because I make each set for you once you place the order, so feel free to request customization - I'm here for it. 

I love, love, LOVE doing custom designs. Fucking live for that shit. Please do not hesitate to ask. The only way the answer will be "no" is if I genuinely cannot do it - but I will absolutely try my very best. Here are some of my recent custom designs.


Custom Bling

So many times when people see my blinged out motorcycle helmet (which I ride around Los Angeles with daily) - they're like

"OMG, you do HELMETS!! If I rode a Motorcycle, I would TOTALLY get one!!"

Ladies & Gentlemen...I do not make Helmets. I am not a Helmet manufacturing company. I am a Bling Artist. I will LITERALLY bling any fucking thing you want. I have done shoes, purses, horns, masks, respirators, goggles, sunglasses, pasties, and teeth (yes, the ones in your mouth). As long as I can fit crystals onto your item & as long as I can find an adhesive that is compatible with your item, I can bling it. 


Let your imagination run wild. Or don't - and let me do that for you. Honestly, the pieces I've created have come from this special artistic place inside of me that I've only recently begun tapping into. I don't know what all is in there - but so far, straight MAGIC has been coming out.